What is Camping Key Europe and what are its benefits for me?

Camping Key Europe (CKE) is a new benefits/identity card replacing the previously used Camping Card Scandinavia and it is recognised in camping sites and holiday villages throughout Europe. It makes your check in to the camping site quick and simple. Also you get reductions from the camping fees. The reductions vary a bit depending on a camping site. You get also various other benefits outside of camping sites (such as ferry discounts etc.)

From where can I get the Camping Key Europe?

The fastest way to get the card is to buy it online from our homepage. You can buy it also from camping sites reception. From there you get a Mobile CKE -card and you can use the benefits of the card immediately. You can buy the Mobile CKE-card also with your own smartphone. Just go to webpage camping.fi/cke and make your order there.

What is a temporary CKE -card?

We do not use temporary CKE-card any more in Finland. Instead customers get a Mobile CKE-card when buying it. It is valid at once.

Why haven’t I got my plastic Camping Key Europe yet, even if I bought it from the camping site already more than 3 weeks ago?

In summertime under the high season we receive lots of card applications every week, and it takes longer than normally to process all the data. During the waiting time you can use your Mobile CKE-card.

Do I have to order the Camping Key Europe every year?

You have to validate your CKE-card every year you use it. The most convenient way is to start using the Mobile CKE-card. You can buy the Mobile CKE-card (and the plastic card also) online from our homepage. When buying it you get a link to your e-mail address to use your Mobile CKE-card.

How much does the Camping Key Europe cost?

18 €. Mobile CKE-card costs 15 €.

In which countries can I use my Camping Key Europe?

Camping Key Europe is accepted in 20 European countries on the local associations’ camping sites: Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxemburg, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

What is a “Camping & Caravan in Finland” -brochure?

All the Finnish Campingsite Association’s member camping sites are represented in the brochure, which are about 130 around Finland. There is also useful information on camping holiday in general as well as a map of Finland, where all the camping sites are marked on.

From where can I get ”Camping & Caravan in Finland” -brochure?

You can get the brochure from the camping site or the tourist office in most of Finnish cities and towns. The brochure is free of charge. You can also download the brochure from our internet pages or from link: Camping & Caravan in Finland DE ENG SV